Have you got something a little less piratey?

A quiet Saturday night resulted in having a look around various online retailers’ pre-order sections to see what’s coming out soon. With summer almost here the answer was ‘not much’ but we did find some unannounced games.

If Play.com are to be believed, 1st June will see the release of Worms Collection on Xbox 360, which they’ve got priced up at £24.99. There have been three Worms games on XBLA so far with a fourth – Worms: Revolution – due in Q3 2012. £25 for three Worms games doesn’t sound very good value for money, but we’ll reserve our final judgment for when we know what it fully entails.

It looks like Kalypso are taking a break from publishing a new Tropico game this year, instead relying on Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants to bring home the bacon. The PC version is out in two weeks but Play.com also lists Xbox 360 and PS3 versions for release in September. In this sea-faring adventure you’re presented with two paths – either that of an adventurer, with all the bounty hunting and plundering you can imagine, or that of a trader which involves setting up new cities and trade routes.

Then we have the most curious of things – a new PSP game. Well, Blazing Souls: Accelate isn’t exactly new – it was released in the US back in 2010. Presumably to make up for its tardiness it’s not going to cost a great deal. Play.com are selling it for £14.99.

Microsoft are prepping another two double packs too. The Halo: Anniversary and Halo: Reach double pack is due on 18th May while the Kinect Disneyland and Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure double pack is out on 25th May. Kinect Rush was only released a couple of months ago so to see it in a double pack so soon is quite unexpected. Perhaps it hasn’t sold as well as Microsoft hoped?

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