Gore blimey – it’s Sniper Elite V2

The original Sniper Elite on PlayStation 2 and Xbox became something of a cult classic. A quick look on Amazon reveals that even the 2010 Wii version has held its value, with the current cheapest copy knocking on for £18. As such, there’s probably more people eagerly awaiting Sniper Elite V2 than most realise. It’s a sequel that has certainly been a long time coming – seven years, no less. Worth the wait? Hard to say as reviews have been mixed. EDGE gave it a 4, claiming it to be “occasionally gripping but frequently unfulfilling”, while GameSpot UK liked it a little bit more and handed out a 6/10. Everybody agrees though that it’s incredibly gory, if over the top violence always tickles your fancy.

We were mildly excited when it was announced that Telltale bagged the Back to the Future license, but after seeing some mixed reviews of the first downloadable episode that excitement quickly faded. Deep Silver have picked up the publishing duties for a retail release and at £14.99 it’s hard not to recommend it for curious fans of Marty McFly. Nintendo Gamer weren’t very impressed with the Wii version, however, which is apparently riddled with frame-rate issues.

Arguably Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition on PS Vita should have been released at a budget price too, but it’s a full price release. It’s not really the system seller the format needs right now but it should suffice until Resistance Burning Skies arrives next month. The original PSP receives a new game this week too – RPG Fate / Extra from Ghostlight. The cheapest price online appears to be £26.99 on Play for the collector’s edition.

Another less-than-full-price release this week is MUD – FIM Motocross World Championship, out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Reviews haven’t been brilliant (GamesMaster magazine gave it 60%) but seeing as THQ have ditched their MX series then it might be worth a look for motocross fans. There’s a demo to try out on Xbox Live, too.

A couple of casual 3DS games round the week off – Cats & Dogs 3D: Pets at Play and Phil Taylor’s Power Play Darts 3D.

Next week: Starhawk (PS3), Akai Katana (360), Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted (PS Vita) and Mahjong Mysteries: Legends Of Athena (DS).

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