Ready to get Wrecked?

Supersonic’s much loved racer Mashed from 2004 is about to get a spiritual sequel on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade very soon.

How soon? Wednesday, 28th March.

WRECKED – Revenge Revisited sounds like a comprehensive package. There are 14 different weapons, including 5 types of air-strikes, co-op play both local and online for four players plus a battle mode and a challenge mode with new car parts to unlock.

Mashed was a game that turned friends into enemies. It wasn’t a racer about coming first – it was about being a devious driver and winning by any means necessary, from shoving other racers off the track to using weapons wisely.

Fans of the PlayStation 2 and Xbox original will be pleased to hear that the classic Polar Wharf track will be making a comeback, albeit with a different name:

“We knew very early on that we wanted a track inspired by Polar Wharf from MASHED. In some respects the Icebridge track came easily, although in other respects this was the hardest track to do. Polar Wharf was so insanely addictive that anything less than that in WRECKED would have been a fail, so we endlessly tweaked that track and how the physics behaved on it too.”

Supersonic also worked on Micro Machines V4, so we’d be very surprised if this turns out to be a rusty old banger.

A few more screenshots and a video can be found here.

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