Raccoon City’s AI needs brains

Capcom seemingly learnt nothing from the forgettable Resident Evil: Outbreak series on PlayStation 2 – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has been getting some terrible reviews, including a 3/10 from gamesTM. GamesMaster also reviewed it this month but didn’t give it a score as they weren’t able to play it online. They did however point out that the single-player mode is not worth buying it for and your AI team mates are so poorly programmed that they walk into laser tripwires and the like. IGN agreed with the AI issues, and gave it a 4.0.

IGN didn’t think much of Ninja Gaiden 3 either, which they dished out a 3.0 for. They seem to be in the minority though – both the Official Xbox 360 Magazine and CVG gave it an 8. It’s a lot easier than the previous Ninja Gaiden games, but the multi-player modes feel a little clunky. It needs an online pass too, although free DLC is due somewhen.

Kid Ikarus: Uprising is one that Nintendo has been working on for a long time. That time has paid off, with review scores including a 9 from Eurogamer, an 8 from EDGE and an 8.5 from IGN. Destuctoid on the other hand gave it a 5/10. “Kid Icarus: Uprising is equal parts tremendous and terrible, with a fine line clearly separating the two distinct territories,” they said. With the Metacritic average standing at 84, Destuctoid’s review would appear to be rather harsh on it.

Then we’ve got mech shooter Armored Core V, which scored at 6 from The Official Xbox Magazine and a 7 from GamesRadar. Designing mechs is good fun, said GamesRadar, but the PlayStation 3 version apparently suffers from frame rate issues.

PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond is another with mixed reviews – The Metro’s GameCentral said it’s far too shallow and similar to the first game and gave it a 3/10. The Official Nintendo Magazine agreed that it’s too alike to the first game but still gave it 70% anyway.

Another casual game? Oh go on then. Kinect Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure is one which Microsoft has been curiously quiet about. The first review to appear was a rather nice 78% from German site GamingXP. They suggested that Disneyland Adventures was a better purchase though as that’s a little bit nicer presented.

Next week: Ridge Racer Unbounded (PS3, 360, PC), Silent Hill: Downpour (PS3, 360), Silent Hill HD Collection (PS3, 360), Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 (PS3, 360), Warriors Orochi 3 (PS3, 360), Capcom Digital Collection (360), Just Dance Best Of (Wii), Nickelodeon Dance (Wii), Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations (PS3, 360), Cats & Dogs 3D: Pets at Play (3DS) and Farming Simulator 3D (3DS).

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