GAME: stop. Carry on

You may have noticed a few news stories floating around about Game Group lately. Just a few.

Not stocking various big releases, share price plummeting, not stocking another big release, rumours of impending administration, not stocking some more big releases, not stocking another big release, potential buyers – and apparently they’re not stocking some big releases, too.

OpCapita have reportedly made an offer, Walmart are close to doing so, and GameStop have been mentioned persistently.

We could bring you an in depth analysis of each interested party, and what they would mean for Game Group should they step in. Or, we could have a look at the headquarters of GameStop on Google Street View.

To Texas!

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Technically in the brilliantly-named Grapevine, Texas, GameStop HQ is really part of the cumbersomely-named Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport development. Which would probably be quite handy if you need to get to the UK to complete a bit of due diligence, for example.

It may be on an airport, but it’s not entirely bleak: look, there are trees! Mainly getting in the way of Google’s view of the GameStop logo on the building.

As you won’t remember, Street Viewtiful visited Game Group’s HQ in Basingstoke last year. You’d have to say, they really are quite similar. A sign? Probably not.

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