What do the press reckon of Tekken?

The last two weeks have been rammed with new releases. This week however is more like a typical February with just two releases of note – Tekken 3D Prime Edition and UFC 3.

The 3DS already has two very fine fighting games, and if Nintendo Gamer’s review is to be believed, Tekken doesn’t quite manage to top Street Fighter IV 3D – they said the single player modes are unsatisfying and it feels a little dated. It does though have a full-length CGI movie on the cartridge. They gave it 76%, while IGN gave it a similar score – 7.5.

According to Eurogamer’s 8/10 review of UFC 3, steps have been made to make it a little easier to play, including a control system that simply requires flicks of the analogue sticks. The developers have seemingly played it safe though and not added anything else dramatically new.

Then we have a couple of lesser releases. The Whitakers present Milton and Friends on 3DS is aimed at those after some equestrian escapades, while Junior League Sports on Wii appears to be a collection of some older budget sports games first released on PlayStation 2. Quality.

Next week: Syndicate (PS3, 360, PC), Binary Domain (PS3, 360), The Last Story (Wii), Wicked Monster Blast (Wii), Zumba Fitness Rush (360), Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 (PS3), Glacier 3 (Wii) and the PS Vita with more games than we care to count. We’ll have a full PS Vita launch article up next week in order to take care of that.

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