Why so blue? Oh, you’re a piece of putty

We doubt that many people are planning to buy a PS Vita just to play a revamp of an old Amiga game, but we can’t argue that System 3 aren’t putting effort into the upcoming Putty Squad.

The most interesting new addition is the ability to collect stickers by using the Vita’s GPS system. These are then added to a sticker album and will in turn unlock new avatar items.

The touch screen is being put to use too – you can pause the game and scroll around a map of the level in order to plan the best route. This will certainly be helpful for seeking the quickest paths for the new time trial mode, which will offer online leaderboards. System 3 has already pointed out that some Trophies are linked to finishing levels in record times.

There’s no release date yet – or mention of price – but we do know a demo is being prepared.

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