Where Resident Evil lurks

Last week Resident Evil: Revelations made the news as eagle-eyed gamers spotted a host of ‘typos’ not only on the box but also during the cut-scenes.

This week it’s making news again – it’s at #6 in this week’s UK chart, making it the first new release of 2012 to make the top 10.

FIFA 12 holds its position at #1 for the fifth week running. It still has a long way to go to beat FIFA Road to the World Cup 98 though which managed 11 weeks in a row at #1. FIFA 12 has however already made more money than any other sports game before it.

There isn’t much else going on in the charts (it is January, after all) but we do spot Tales of Abyss making it into the 3DS chart at #9. After selling for crazy money on eBay (£50+) Namco has confirmed that new stocks are making their way into stores. Amazon and Play are both due a new supply this week according to Namco’s twitter feed.

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