Prince of Persia (3DS Virtual Console)

Ubisoft has chosen the Game Boy Color version of Prince of Persia as their first 3DS Virtual Console title. Our money would have been on the little known Game Boy Color version of Rayman being their first release, so if you ever see us outside Ladbrokes and fancy a flutter then it’s probably not a good idea to ask us for gambling advice.

The Prince caused a fuss when he arrived on the scene in 1989. The animation was very impressive at the time and it was celebrated for having clever level design and maze-levels large enough to get lost in.

Rather than start with three lives there’s an infinite amount, but there is a tight time limit to content with instead. Sixty minutes are all that’s on the clock. Fortunately the power of today’s technology makes things a little easier – as with any 3DS Virtual Console game you can save anywhere. There are passwords too so you don’t have to start at the beginning every time you play.

Just to illustrate how tough a game this is, even the tutorial took us several attempts to clear. There are lots of little nuances to learn, such as dropping down from ledges to minimise damage, and you’ll also need a good memory to memorise the locations of traps. Spikes pop out of the ground and floor tiles give way when you least expect them to.

This Game Boy Color version from 1999 is a good version of a good game, but there are a few little niggles such as collision detection when sword fighting. Controls can be a little fiddly too, but this was also the case in the original. That’s the problem with Virtual Console games – what you get is warts and all.

The Prince of Persia will no doubt make a full blown appearance on 3DS at some stage, but until then £4.50 is a small price to pay for some quality Egyptian escapades.

Can we have the Game Boy Advance version of Sands of Time next, please?

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