Made of stars

Nintendo’s Star Catalogue was a load of old tosh back in the day of Game Boy Advance and GameCube. What good was saving up the Stars from inside first party releases if all there was to spend them on were dull wallpapers and ringtones? ‘Physical’ goods did appear now and then, but in such short supply that they were snapped up within a matter of minutes.

Thankfully Nintendo pulled their fingers out from wherever they had been by the time the Wii rolled out. Club Nintendo has had lots of lovely exclusive goods to spend virtual currency on. At the time of typing there is a reproduction Game & Watch up for grabs, along with a SNES pad Classic Controller. Previously there has even been a gold Link statue with a CASH4GOLD value of at least £7.

Here are some things we’d like to see added to the catalogue:

  • A strand of Shigsy’s hair
  • Replica Mario shoes (size: “novelty”)
  • A hand-picked piece of rubbish from Shigsy’s bin (with a choice of ‘home’ or ‘office’)
  • A real life Nintendog
  • A trip to one of Yamauchi’s infamous ‘Love Hotels’
  • An antique Hanafuda card stained in Yakuza blood
  • A hilarious novelty DS stylus shaped like a severed finger
  • A written apology for Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary

Matt Gander

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