Gaming resolutions

It’s a new year, and that means making resolutions. As there are 366 days in 2012 though, we’ll save the really hard ones – like sweating it out on the Kinect for at least 30 minutes a day – for 2013.

Matt is up first with his:

  • Stop buying sports games, no matter how cheap they are. Over the past few years I’ve picked up a few Xbox 360 sports games for literally pocket change, even though I’m not a massive sports fan. There are a few exceptions like NBA Jam, but they’re far between. The ones I find cheap usually get played for two hours at the most and it’s rarely a pleasurable two hours. Most are quite hard to get the achievements out of too, so that’s quite enough of that.

  • Buy more new copies of games instead of pre-owned. When buying a pre-owned game, the retailer takes 100% of the money – the publisher and developer receive nothing. By buying new games everybody gets a fair cut and a stronger chance to stay in business. If the difference between buying new and second-hand is only two or three pounds, which is usually the case in the likes of GAME, then from now on I’ll be paying the extra.

And a couple from Jake:

  • Play Panzer Dragoon Orta. And that’s by no means the only game from the last console generation I have yet to get around to playing. It’s inexcusable. I’ve had some of these games for getting on for ten years. Virtually a decade. Usually bought at about this time of year in the sales, then put on a shelf to gather dust. I’m getting angry at myself just thinking about it.

  • Don’t try to play every iPhone game that sounds interesting. It’s tempting to try to keep up with every move and shake on the App Store, but it’s impossible – there’s just too much. I’ve already got numerous screens full of games that I’ve not played properly. Play fewer games, more – that has to be my motto for 2012.

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