Visiting the Christmas number one

There’s little festivity inherent in the world of games, so where to visit via the medium of Google Street View at this most festive of times? How about Bethesda, developer of the UK’s Christmas number one, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?

Yeah, let’s do it. Off to Maryland!

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I’m sure Rockville isn’t that bleak all year round, but that’s a pretty uninspiring scene – from December 2007, appropriately enough. It doesn’t help that this view is from the Interstate 270, as the street itself – Piccard Drive – wasn’t visited by Google’s cameras.

Incidentally, just down the I-270 is Bethesda, where the company was formed and from which it took its name.

The name on the building now, however, is ZeniMax Media – which you can just about make out if you zoom in. That’s the parent company formed when Bethesda founder Christopher Weaver decided to expand the company.

Presumably they didn’t go with that image for their company Christmas card.

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