3DS Ambassador programme advances

The ten free Game Boy Advance games promised to early 3DS adopters are now available to download. For the uninformed, these are intended as a means to say sorry to those who splashed out full price for the handheld, only for it to fall in price a few months later.

Nintendo hasn’t scrimped on quality: all ten games on offer are pretty good, and a few of them – like Metroid Fusion and Fire Emblem – can sell for a handsome amount on eBay. In physical form, of course.

How to download? Enter the 3DS eShop, scroll to ‘Settings/Other’ on the left, scroll down to ‘Your Downloads’ and at the bottom of the list should be your GBA games along with the option to redownload. They’re then saved onto your SD card.

Also take a look at Pullblox (aka Pushmo) on the eShop while you’re on there – our Twitter followers won’t stop tweeting about how brilliant it is.

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