NGamer magazine is evolving

This month’s issue of the rather impartial NGamer magazine will be the last.

Fans of the magazine need not to worry – it’s “entering a chrysalis to emerge as a beautiful papery butterfly” to become Nintendo Gamer.

We assume that they’re hoping the new look will entice those who receive a new Nintendo console for Christmas to pick up a copy.

What can we expect? More pages have already been confirmed – the current issue clocks in with 115 pages while Nintendo Gamer will have 148. The retro features will remain too – the blurb promises it’ll contain Nintendo games from current, past and future.

NGamer has a rather long legacy that can be traced back to Super Play – a magazine that undoubtedly helped a generation to get hooked on JRPGs.

Nintendo Gamer hits shelves on 5th January, which incidentally, is also the same date issue 98 of Retro Gamer is due out. If you enjoy our retro features then you may want to keep an eye out for this one – it’s going to contain a Game Gear collector’s guide penned by my own fair hands.

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