Generator Rex: Agent of Providence

I haven’t seen a single episode of Ben 10, and nor do I plan to, but I still think I could hold my own in conversation just by what I’ve learnt from press coverage of the Ben 10 games. I know that Ben’s full name is Ben Tennyson, that the watch he wears is called the Onimatrix and that another character in the show is called Kevin Eleven. Generator Rex, which is poised to take over from Ben 10 in the popularity stakes, is another thing entirely. Hold on, lads – we’re going into this one totally clueless.

Fortunately the intro explains the world of Generator Rex in full. He’s a sarcastic teenager able to morph his body into different shapes in a similar manner to The Green Lantern. Providence is the name of the fortress in which Rex inhabits, alongside the team that briefs him on his missions. Providence acts as a hub, although there’s not a great deal to do other than replay previously completed missions and check to see which of the collectible DNA samples you’re missing.

Admittedly, were weren’t expecting much from this after seeing that it was available to pre-order online for £14.99. The reality is that it isn’t too bad. Not amazing, or great, but certainly good for a kid’s game with a solid feel to it with some surprisingly sharp and smooth visuals. The jungle level, complete with sunlight shining through the gaps in the tree tops and ancient temples in the background, is rather alluring.

There’s a focus on combat with Rex able to morph his arms into weapons in a press of a button. Each is helpful in a different situation. Some enemies flash red before unleashing an unblockable attack which you have to instead dodge. It’s not like you ever really need too though – Rex can take a fair pounding before falling to the ground. A bigger health bar, along with new combos, can be acquired by saving up the blue orbs that enemies drop.

The levels are mostly short but there’s a little bit of variety – the game kicks off with skydiving stage rather than a dull tutorial, then later there’s an eerie fantasy world featuring a school filled with mannequins wearing Donnie Darko-style masks. When coming across one of the few puzzles that there are you’re given a few minutes to figure it out for yourself before Rex starting blurting out suggestions. Bosses are more frequent than the puzzles with the last boss in particular putting up a good fight. He killed us a few times, at least.

It doesn’t take much more than four or five hours to see the credit roll but the game has been made with replay value in mind. There’s the chance to try and beat each level within a time limit to unlock a reward and it’s doubtful that you’ll collect all the aforementioned DNA samples that some enemies drop on your first play.

If you were to buy a young gamer in your family this for Christmas they’d probably be quite pleased with it. Will you get a ‘thank you card’ though? Yeah right, as if children do that any more.

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