Skyrim does its thing

With just under two million copies sold in the UK, there was no doubting that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 wasn’t going to be this week’s #1. However, it hasn’t sold as well as Black Ops did during its launch week, selling 1.6% less. Chart-Track tells us that the Xbox 360 version proved to be the most popular with 59% of all copies sold being for Microsoft’s box.

The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim – to give it its full name – hasn’t done too badly either. It sold double what Fallout: New Vegas did during its launch and has become the 5th biggest UK release this year, only slightly behind Gears of War 3. Our local Blockbusters had sold out of copies, while one of our Twitter followers mentioned that their Tesco was also sold out.

There are a couple of surprise entries in the top 10 this week too. Well, one is actually a re-entry – Wii Party has shot back up from #38 to #10. Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo on DS is the new entry at #7.

Sonic Generations has had a bad second week, already dropping down the chart from #10 to #21. On the flipside Go Vacation has had a better second week – it’s in at #39.

There were a slew of new 3DS titles released last week, including Shinobi and Cave Story, but none of them made the 3DS chart which is currently in a very sorry state. Where is Starfox 64 3D?

Matt Gander

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