Uncharted 3 makes a mark in the chart

Even with sales down 54% from last week, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception can’t knock Battlefield 3 off the top of the chart. Drake has to do with #2.

Battlefield 3 is now the first Battlefield to stay at the top of the chart for two weeks in a row – Battlefield: Bad Company 2 only managed to stay at #1 for one week. Will it make it for a third week? It’s incredibly unlikely seeing a certain game is out tomorrow.

At #3 there’s FIFA 12, Batman: Arkham City at #4 and Just Dance 3 at #5.

Sega’s blue blur manages to make the top 10 – Sonic Generations goes in at #10. The next highest new entry is GoldenEye: Reloaded at #16.

In its second week of release Disney Universe makes an appearance at #25 and then at #40 we see The Gunstringer finally show up. No doubt it has been discounted heavily somewhere.

Dondonpachi: Resurrection doesn’t make top 40, as you’d expect, but it hasn’t done well in the 360 chart either – it’s at #38.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Forgotten hasn’t done too badly though, making its entry at #20 in the PlayStation 3 chart. And even with middling reviews, Go Vacation on Wii has done alright too in at #16 in the Wii chart.

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