Grand Theft Auto V is alive

Hoping that Grand Theft Auto V would be set on new turf? Bad news if you were. Rockstar’s first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V reveals that they’re sticking to their comfort zone – America. More specifically, we’re going back to San Andreas.

The main character isn’t revealed but his husky voice suggests that we aren’t dealing with a teenage tearaway or a foreign immigrant. He even mentions being retired early on in. But while not much has been revealed, Rockstar has done a good job at showing how diverse the locations in San Andreas are. We see golf courses, beaches and mountain ranges, and also slums, shady night clubs and some incredibly rough areas. That’s rough as in run down – visually it looks mighty fine.

In a typical Rockstar fashion there are a couple of little jokes on billboards and the like. Look carefully and you’ll see a company called STD Contractors.

Towards the end of the trailer there are two familiar faces easy to spot. That’s if we aren’t mistaken, at least – Niko bellic appears to be begging in one scene, while in another San Andrea’s CJ is seemingly running from the police.

This adds fuel to the rumours that there will be more than one character playable this time round. Perhaps Rockstar are planning a Pulp Fiction-style plot where everybody’s story crosses at some point. Who knows? Not us.

We are bloody glad though Rockstar never made San Andreas Stories. When there’s so much potential for any new GTA (imagine how cool GTA: Tokyo would be) having to revisit old turf for even a second time is a little bit of a blow.

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