Dark Souls restores humanity

Glowing reviews for Dark Souls and heavy TV promotion for RAGE haven’t helped either to dethrone FIFA 12 from the top of the UK top 40 chart. Both have done very well though – RAGE makes #2 with Dark Souls at #3. It’s the PS3 version of Dark Souls which has shifted the most, which makes sense seeing Demon’s Souls was a PlayStation 3-exclusive. Gears of War 3 at #4 and F1 2011 at #5 rounds off the top 5.

After just one week ICO and The Shadow of Colossus Collection has left the top 10, droping 10 places down to #17. X-Men Destiny is on the slippery slope already too, down from #18 to #28.

At #39 there’s a surprise entry – El Shaddai: Ascesion of Metatron. This failed to make the top 40 on release, but now the price has been dropped it has managed to make its way in. We suppose a #39 placing is better than never breaking the top 40 at all.

In the single formats we see The Cursed Crusade and Power Up Heroes hit #30 and #40 respectively in the Xbox 360 chart while Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 makes #24 in the DS chart.

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