Meanwhile, elsewhere in Montreal

Last month, on our tour of the video games world via Google Street View, we paid a visit to Eidos Montreal, and discovered that the studio’s building is called ‘Le Gordon Brown’. It was a surprise, and no mistake.

We’ll stay in Montreal this month, and pop over to Ubisoft Montreal, home to Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed and, er, Michael Jackson: The Experience. To 5505 Boulevard Saint-Laurent it is, then.

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No world leader-related surprises, but it’s a beauty of a building – an impression no doubt helped by a lovely bright, low sun. Get a bit closer though, and there’s quite a bit of graffiti on the building. Disgraceful.

It’s not the only Ubisoft location in Montreal, though.

Campus Ubisoft is, as the name suggests, an educational establishment.

Google also has Ubisoft Divertissement listed as just down the road from the above location. That appears to be, at best, some sort of registered address for the subsidiary of Ubisoft that operates Ubisoft Montreal. Whatever the case, it’s definitely not interesting.

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