For PlayStation 2, age is just a number

Chart-Track stopped their PlayStation 2 full price chart last month. This means only one thing – they have been unable to compile one as next to no full price games have been sold.

How do we know this? Because Chart-Track made news headlines yonks ago, after they reported that they were ending the N-Gage chart as sales were failing to enter double figures. This was back when the N-Gage was still about, hence why it was deemed newsworthy at the time.

The PlayStation 2 budget chart is still going though. New release FIFA 12 – which is the first PS2 release in many months – is, as you may expect, at #1.

The rest of the chart is mildly amusing: at #2 there’s FIFA 11; at #3 Pro Evolution Soccer 11, even though Pro Evolution Soccer 12 is due out on the ageing system next week.

At #4… get ready for this… is Sensible Soccer 2006. A retailer somewhere must have found some old copies in their storeroom.

We’ll carry on shall we? At #5 there’s Guitar Hero: World Tour; #6 is Scooby Doo and the Spooky Swap, which was released late last year; Crash Bandicoot Action Pack at #7; Sega Mega Drive Collection at #8; Shin Megami Tensi: Persona 3 FES at #9; and High School Musical at #10.

Amazon still has new copies of Persona 3 in stock, so presumably that’s why it’s in the chart. With Sensible Soccer 2006 riding high, it makes us wonder what could make an appearance next week.

Matt Gander

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