Gears gives way to FIFA

Predictably, FIFA 12 has pushed Gears of War 3 off the top of the UK chart this week. It has become the third biggest UK launch ever, with launch sales up 18% over FIFA 11.

You may recall that we were mildly interested in seeing how well the PlayStation 2 version performed, considering that you can count this year’s PS2 releases on three fingers. A glance at the individual chart reveals that it made #25, outselling the PC version at #27 and the 3DS version at #30. PC download sales aren’t included, mind you. FIFA 12 sold the most on Xbox 360, followed by PS3, Wii and PSP in that order.

The recent PlayStation 3 HD collections haven’t fared brilliantly – God of War HD Collection Vol 2 has left the top 40 after just two weeks – but Ico and The Shadow of the Colossus Collection has managed to make the top ten, clocking in at #7.

Activision’s scrappy X-Men Destiny arrives at #18, while the arrival of Child of Eden on PS3 helps it to re-enter at #29.

In the DS chart, Aliens Infestation crawls in at #30. Other new entries Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon and Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar both outsold it at #19 and #25 respectively.

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