Sorted for Metal Gear

Loose copies of the lazily titled Sega Game Pack 4 in 1 on GameGear are just as easy to find as Sonic or Columns. Trying to find a boxed copy, however, is an incredibly tricky task as Sega produced only a small amount. When it does appear boxed on eBay bidding is always fierce – this copy ended up selling at almost £100 after 19 bids. Why is so hard to find boxed? I assume that because it was bundled as a loose cart with the GameGear, retailers were flooded with second hand copies – a la Altered Beast on Mega Drive – and so they didn’t bother ordering any boxed ones to stick on their shelves.

From Sega GameGear to Metal Gear Solid. One of the limited edition PlayStation Metal Gear Solid: Premium Pack boxsets went for £166 (25 bids) this month. Amazing, it sold for that amount even though it was missing both the T-shirt and dogtag. Somebody also bagged £137 (18 bids) for a promotional (read: review) copy of Metal Gear Solid 2 on PlayStation 2. A set of Metal Gear action figures ended at £99.99 (2 bids) too.

All of the above are nothing compared to a promotional “Metal Gear Solid 2 Sorter” which ended at $720 (£443.73) on a Buy It Now. This appears to be a Metal Gear Solid 2: Subsistance in fancy leather-style packaging, complete with a space for a memory card. The seller notes that it was a “price of a lottery”. I think he means lottery prize.

Incidentally, it would appear that people are selling their Zavvi-exclusive Metal Gear Solid Ultimate HD Collection pre-orders for vast amounts. By ‘vast’, I mean everything from £125 to £499.

Speaking of limited editions, a seller was able to bag £180 for a copy of the Crysis 2 Nano Suit Edition for Xbox 360. Anybody else amused that the backpack that comes with it is black and pink?

Over in the world of Nintendo, a limited edition Japanese Game Boy Advance with Mario and Luigi on the bezel ended at £43.55 (8 bids). That’s around four times the going rate for a standard Game Boy Advance. A copy of the rare shoot ’em up Syvalion on SNES ended at £450 on BIN while a boxed copy of Final Fight 3 sold for £699 also on a BIN auction. It would appear though that they’ve relisted it after it sold. Hmm. More reassuring is this copy of Mega Man X2 that ended at £250 (30 bids). Almost selling for that amount was this sealed copy of Mario Sunshine on GameCube that ended at £211 (21 bids).

Then on PlayStation a factory sealed copy of Resident Evil 2 shook £75 (16 bids) out of somebody while a sealed copy of Grandia went for £70 despite being the budget version. Unsurprisingly, nobody wanted this sealed copy of Hogs of War for £70.

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