Licensed to ill

The recently announced Call of Duty Gunnar sunglasses strike us as a very bizarre piece of merchandise. Do hardcore Call of Duty players even go outside that often? Even more bizarre is the Call of Duty Jeep Wrangler – last time we played CoD the microphone chatter was akin to how a classroom sounds before the teacher enters the room and tells the class to shut up.

Sad, but true.

Here are ten videogame related merchandise that we’ll (hopefully) never see:

  • Gears of War pregnancy testing kit
  • Knuckles knuckle dusters
  • Need for Speed highway code book
  • Grand Theft Auto baseball bat
  • Halo teething ring
  • Rayman armbands
  • Splatterhouse diapers
  • Duke Nukem female hygiene products
  • Spyro sponsored football shirts…
  • …or indeed anything with Spyro’s stupid face on
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