Xbox lost and found

The discovery of a new Sonic game on an old Xbox development kit caused a bit of commotion on the internet recently because, well, it’s a Sonic game. It’s no shame Sonic Extreme was canned though. As this video shows, hedgehogs and skateboards don’t mix.

Another unreleased Xbox game has since surfaced too, and not much has been said about this one so we’re giving it some coverage. This game is Tiltronica, which features vehicles in orbs battling in what appears to be the insides of pinball machines. It looks pretty much finished but a bit on the crappy side, hence why it was probably never released. Perhaps developers Vision Scape Interactive should have spent as long on the game as they did for their rather elongated start-up logo.

Not exciting enough for you? Here’s a bonus video – a game based on Steven Spielberg’s A.I, discovered on an abandoned Xbox development system back in 2009. It’s not an adventure game or platformer but rather… a beat’em up. A.I: The Circuit, as it’s known, was in development at Radical, who are now owned by Activision and are best known for Prototype. Back when this game was still kicking around though they developed a lot of games for Vivendi, so it’s likely Vivendi bagged the license and passed it to Radical who didn’t have a bloody clue what to do with it. The video shows some very generic robots fighting in small environments. Have they even seen the movie? It could have only been worse if it were a kart racer.

Discoveries of these titles originally broke over on the uber hardcore ASSEMbler forums. If you ever want to spend an hour of your life reading about things you never knew existed, it’s a forum well worth a visit.

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