Brink and you’ll miss it

It’s fair to say that we have Game and GameStation’s sales to thank for the big shake up in this week’s UK top 40. Just about every game they have reduced has shot back up the chart, with the most notable risers being DiRT 3 up from #2 to #7 and Call of Duty: Black Ops up from #17 to #7.

Brink only moves up one place to #8 even though it’s currently available for a purse pleasing £14.98 at GameStation. You can read our review here, if you missed (or ignored) it first time round.

Zumba Fitness is still top of the chart, making it four weeks in a row. Transformers: Dark of The Moon rises from #6 to #3 while F.E.A.R 3 drops from #4 to #9. Surprisingly, both Virtua Tennis 4 and Top Spin 4 have managed to remain in the top 10 at #6 and #10 respectively.

One game that hasn’t benefited from price drops is Duke Nukem Forever. Even with the price edging towards £20 already, this week the Duke falls from #12 to #21. If you’re a fan of useless tat, even the Balls of Steel edition can now be found online for under £35.

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