Mobile domination by a retail park

Last time in Street Viewtiful, we went to Finland to check out the shiny offices of Angry Birds developers Rovio. That got me wondering about British mobile super-publisher, Chillingo.

Firstly, I seem to have missed the news that they were bought by EA last year. And that – the current publisher of Angry Birds, taking over from Chillingo – is just Chillingo. Or EA. Whatever. It seems needlessly confusing to me.

But Chillingo does still have its own offices, in Macclesfield – though the company is now registered at EA’s UK office in Guildford. Enough muddying of the water, let’s go to Macclesfield!

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Whether that to let sign dates from before or after Chillingo moved into the building, I do not know. But it does helpfully identify the building.

Whereas Rovio’s shiny building neighboured amongst others a division of Canon and an asset management company, Chillingo are surrounded by car dealerships and a retail park – as you’ll see if you spin around above. The retail park nicely dates the Google Street View visit, with signs for shops like MFI and Instore that no longer exist.

A curious place to plot mobile games domination, perhaps, but presumably EA were of the opinion that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


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