Give Solatorobo a go

Solatorobo: Red Hunter is the type of game that Nintendo fans would kick up a stink about if it had been denied a European release. But behold – here it is on our shores, without signs of any begging or pleading. If anything it proves that Nintendo are still confident in the DS market. This twee anime-style adventure features characters from Tail Concerto on PlayStation but is neither a sequel nor a prequel. NGamer magazine dished out 81% saying it’s not deep or original but both handsome and confident.

NGamer also reviewed Max and the Magic Marker which is out this week on Wii. They said it’s all right but it only costs £7 to download on WiiWare while this retail version costs a whopping £25. The DS version got a mauling (32%) due to poor collision detection and other niggles. Stick with Super Scribblenauts, eh?

Capcom caused a bit of trouble this week by announcing that if you buy Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D pre-owned you won’t be able to delete the previous player’s save data. HMV have since announced that they won’t be taking any pre-owned copies in. Unsurprisingly, GameStation and Game said they’re fine with it. It’s not a fully fledged Resident Evil but rather a score-based affair that’s worth a look if you enjoyed Resident Evil 4’s mercenaries mode.

Then we have Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, which you’re bound to love or hate with a passion either way, and UFC Personal Trainer which has Kinect and PlayStation Move support. The Wii version seems to be a tenner cheaper than the other versions online.

Next week: Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets on DS and the 3D TV compatible Air Conflicts – Secret Wars on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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