New for old

New games for old systems aren’t as uncommon as you may think. There have been a few RPGs localised and released on cartridge for the Mega Drive recently and the Dreamcast still receives a new shoot’em up every few months. Even the Atari Lynx has had a new release recently in the form of the penguin-laden shoot ’em up Zaku.

However, Digger Chan marks the arrival of the first Sega Master System game since 1998. It has a lot in common with Namco’s Mr. Driller, only here Digger Chan is on a worldwide mission to repair milk pipelines buried deep beneath the ground.

It’s not a totally new game to the Sega Master System community – it was first released as an entry for SMS Power’s 2006 coding competition – but since then new levels, music and an ending sequence has been added. And of course, it’s now available to buy on cartridge, using all new components.

The first batch of cartridges has already sold out, but a second run is on the cards. Get your order in quick if you’re curious.

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