Get ‘orf my land

Now here’s something we didn’t expect to see on the Xbox 360. Perhaps on the Wii or DS, but no way on Microsoft’s box. What is it, you ask? If the screenshot hasn’t given it away already, it’s a farming sim.

Farm Machines Championships is set to arrive in September and lets budding horticulturalists harvest wheat, plough fields and brick straw either head-to-head or co-operatively via Xbox Live. Activision should be worried; a game this epic could easily dent Call of Duty’s popularity.

You’ll also be able to live the dream of Xzibit and pimp your plow to give it an advantage. If we can’t coat a tractor in purple paint and kit it out with LED neon strobe lighting and a spoiler the size of a small bungalow there’s going to be troube.

Developers PlayWay also promise a “unique achevment [sic] system”. 1G per every square acre traversed, perhaps?

PlayWay should have announced this at E3 – they would have walked away with the award for game of the show for sure.

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