Duke jerks down the chart

With more negative reviews of Duke Nukem Forever appearing (EDGE’s 3/10 is one of the latest), 2K’s shoddy shooter has lost the top spot of the chart. But not to Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D as you may expect but rather Zumba Fitness.

Link rides in at a respectable #2 with 20% of all current 3DS owners making a purchase. Nintendo only has themselves to blame for it not being #1 – they started the whole fitness game trend with Wii Fit back in 2008. Well, that and the fact that Zumba is absurdly popular.

At #9 there’s another new entry in the form of Square-Enix’s Dungeon Siege III. It’s not the PC version that’s been shifting loads, which is odd given the series’ heritage, but rather the Xbox 360 version that has charted the highest. It should be pointed out though that the chart doesn’t include all PC downloads. Despite what we said last week, it would appear that it’s actually worth a look – the average score on Metacritic is currently 75%. Sorry about that, Square-Enix.

Also charting surprisingly highly is Alice: Madness Returns at #12. For a new IP with not that much promotion and a few mediocre reviews behind it that’s not bad going.

But we are going to have to end this week’s UK chart round up on a duff note – Child of Eden has only managed to get to #25. With Kinect sales still strong we could see it rise up next week. Even if it doesn’t, it’s bound to re-enter once the belated PlayStation 3 version is released in a couple of months.

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  • Good to see that Zelda has made decent dent in the charts, especially considering the small 3DS userbase.

  • I mentioned on Twitter that 20% wasn’t a high uptake; I thought it would be around 40% given it’s the first essential 3DS title.

    A few people agreed, but most said that 20% was the amount they expected.

  • I dont get all the bad reviews on Duke Nukem Forever. At the end of the day its a f#cking video game. I found Duke 3D fun to play, and I never found the graphics for that time to be ground breaking.

    I for one, like Duke Nukem forever, Im playing it now and own it. The multiplayer is a refreshing change to the mundane feel of the COD battlefields and halos that come out non stop for more money profits that have great repetitive multiplayer that gets old and a campaign that often falls short of expectations, and to what is shown in commercial.

    I feel in DUKE NUKEM FOREVER, It’s campaign delivers and is fun and enjoyable. It’s not halo, It’s Not COD, Its a Duke game.

    DUKE NUKEM GAMES ARE FOR THE FANS, AND MOST Likely if you never played a Duke Nukem game, You probably wont like it or get it or have nearly as much fun as you do with your non stop coming out one after another halo 1 2 3 4 and cod 12345 and battlefield games.

    Duke is oldschool yes, its a classic.

    a Throwback to Quake type games. If you want a Fun Action Packed Old School Classic Of a Game Then DUKE NUKEM FOREVER IS FOR YOU.

    Graphics – 7/10
    Gameplay – 10/10
    Multiplayer – 8/10


  • If you’re having fun with it, then that’s fine by me. A lot of people do feel ripped off though it would appear, going by forum posts and on Twitter.

  • Yeah I only paid $60 and I like it, thought I Feel $60 for any game is too much and should be between $40-50 range.

    Some people bought that Balls Of Steel Edition for $100 dollars.

    Now if you bought that, then yeah I would feel ripped off.

    But I would never spend $100 dollars for a video game, not a smart investment to spend that much on any game.

  • I didn’t really find the game, fun. I really like Duke Nukem 3D, it’s was great during it’s era. Duke Nukem Forever, seems like they dumb down the elements of what made the game great. They tried to merge several elements from modern day 1st person shooters, with only a few old school shooting, and failed miserably. The game doesnt allow you to hold more then two weapons at same time =.=, the game doesnt allow much freedom at all I always have to follow one direction ahead, the guns were horrible (however i did find minor amusement wielding the shotgun…but that’s it), There are various times in the game where it’s really really quiet…despite the fact that it’s a Duke nukem game and not shooting at anything despite being a 1st person “SHOOTER”. I’m suppose to be shooting stuff NOT SPENDING MY PRECIOUS LEISURE TIME ON FUCKING MINIGAMES!, I could not be bothered single player anymore when I made it to the alien hive where I have to kill off pregnant teens, while strolling through the grotesque tits and pregnant stomach while Duke was making a joke about abortion. How ever as ‘Duke Fan’ said multilplayer is fun…somewhat, despite customisation standard, You player as anyone else other than duke, their is no variety in character selection… but hell it’s his game and massive egotistic narcissism just won’t let choose anyone else other than him…you have to bear with it, although shooting at duke during multiplay (since there really no other choice) seem to vent up the anger at him.

  • The multiplayer is fun, Im not sure of the abortion joke he says? didnt hear it, but I know the level…the game starts to pick up after that level. thats probably about 25% through. After that level though u get a sense of the city really falling apart. Like being stuck up on a space needle thats all busted up and about to collapse, jumping from tentacle to tentacle. while getting shot at from alien spacecraft and firing at aliens with jetpacks, to having one grab you and pull you in mid air, leaving you to nock his head off with your fist, and crash landing his headless jetpack body into a bay window of duke burger.

    The hover dam level is pretty fun also, especially driving the duke truck through the old west scenes, then having to stop in an old western like setting to kick alien ass while looking for a gas tank. Im also playing it on Come get some witch is the hardest difficult, for a challenge.

    Yes I find the ego meter is a bit off, for a duke game – cuz it seems haloish.
    but you can’t just run around shooting through a level. adds to the difficulty

    the load times also are a bit long, its not so much between levels, but if you take too much damage and duke dies, you have to go through a load screen to get to the last checkpoint. can get annoying.

    To each his own – Some will find the game a blast to play, others fun, others a great alternative action game to the halos and cod games.
    and others that just dont like it plain and simple cuz its not halo like or cod or battlefieldish or they place too much grade on graphics.

    Great game to some, hidden gem for most, and down right blow it out your ass stupid never should of brought it back for others.

  • If they could do it over, Duke Nukem Forever could have NEVER gotten a good review no matter what was changed. The real reason it got such poor scores is based more on emotional sentiment closely tied to the notion that it’s been vaperware for 14 years, in combination with fantasy expectations. And a new, younger group of reviewers view it as sort of an unwanted intrusion to the list of other current titles. I know that sounds silly, but after reading many reviews, I realize most reviewers don’t write really good, unbiased reviews, but simply exaggerate the negs of DNF, while minimizing negs of their favorite. DNF isn’t perfect and has some issues so it shouldn’t get a 10, but they treat a game that might be an 7.5 to 8 like a 1 or 2. Or call it a polished t_urd. And they’ve seemed so driven to give it a bad review, that they salivate like a dog waiting for a steak in order to show they are “real” critics. Even if were perfect in all regards, it would have been slammed.

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