Duke takes up the throne

Publishers – if you want your game to go straight to #1 no matter how rubbish it is, just delay it for 13 years and release it without letting anybody review it first. Case point: Duke Nukem Forever, which takes #1 in the UK chart this week. Take 2’s own L.A. Noire is at #2 so I expect lots of back patting has been going on in their offices today.

Chart Track tells us 56% of all copies of Duke Nukem Forever sold so far have been on Xbox 360, followed by 30% on PlayStation 3 and 14% on PC.

PlayStation 3 owners were too busy buying iNFAMOUS 2 it would seem, which makes it in at a respectable #4.

THQ’s Red Faction: Armageddon tunnels in at #8. The Chart Track chaps come to our statistical needs here yet again – Xbox 360 takes the majority of sales at 70%, then PlayStation 3 at 26% and PC with 4%.

EA Sports MMA makes a re-entry at #21 due to being cut in price both online and on the high street. I’ve been playing it recently and it’s actually pretty good; less of a button basher than UFC: Undisputed and fights can be wildly unpredictable.

Both Green Lantern and Kung Fu Panda 2 fail to make the top 40 but they’re knocking around in the lower parts of the single format charts. White Knight Chronicles 2 also marches in at #13 in the PlayStation 3 chart while White Knight Chronicles: Origins arrives at #7 in the PSP chart.

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