Duke takes up the throne

Publishers – if you want your game to go straight to #1 no matter how rubbish it is, just delay it for 13 years and release it without letting anybody review it first. Case point: Duke Nukem Forever, which takes #1 in the UK chart this week. Take 2’s own L.A. Noire is at #2 so I expect lots of back patting has been going on in their offices today.

Chart Track tells us 56% of all copies of Duke Nukem Forever sold so far have been on Xbox 360, followed by 30% on PlayStation 3 and 14% on PC.

PlayStation 3 owners were too busy buying iNFAMOUS 2 it would seem, which makes it in at a respectable #4.

THQ’s Red Faction: Armageddon tunnels in at #8. The Chart Track chaps come to our statistical needs here yet again – Xbox 360 takes the majority of sales at 70%, then PlayStation 3 at 26% and PC with 4%.

EA Sports MMA makes a re-entry at #21 due to being cut in price both online and on the high street. I’ve been playing it recently and it’s actually pretty good; less of a button basher than UFC: Undisputed and fights can be wildly unpredictable.

Both Green Lantern and Kung Fu Panda 2 fail to make the top 40 but they’re knocking around in the lower parts of the single format charts. White Knight Chronicles 2 also marches in at #13 in the PlayStation 3 chart while White Knight Chronicles: Origins arrives at #7 in the PSP chart.

Matt Gander

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  • The only thing that reviewers are thinking when they are reviewing DNF are 1. it took 15 years, 2. graphics. Which make them completely ignore the fun in the game. I mean, when I’m playing the game I find the jokes, interactivity and gunplay cool but then the reviewers are like “No, its not cool 3/10!”. And then again they give call of duty black ops like a 9 when it has so many multiplayer issues, plastic graphics e.t.c.

    I mean, by this point I would give DNF a 7.5 and BO a 7.

  • The Eurogamer review is harsh but fair. The say that it is nostalgic and funny, but it’s still technically poor and there are better games avaliable.

    People seem to be sticking up for the game just because they’re fond on the main character.

    As for Black Ops, not everywhere gave it glowing reviews. It got a 7 in EDGE while a 360 magazine gave the single player mode 3/5.

  • Yes DNF is nostalgic and funny, it’s also totally tongue in cheek which is why it’s so appealing.
    It was difficult for me to get my head back into the format of this game, puzzles abound and hidden items are virtually non-existent unlike more recent shooters.
    Some of it is irritating such as the Dukeburger kitchen maps or the continuous of bosses at the end of each section, but hey! that’s the nature of arcade games.
    Like I said this format is forgotten now which is probably why the reviewer didn’t quite get it. He was probably wasn’t born for DN1 and DN2 and was still in nappies when DN3D came out.

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