Duke Nukem, finally

Giving away inFAMOUS for free wasn’t just a way for Sony to say sorry for the PSN fiasco, but also a way to get a few more people interested in the franchise before the sequel comes out. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy inFAMOUS 2 though, as with the majority of Sony’s PlayStation 3-exclusives it’s very slick and polished.

Another game matching that description is Red Faction: Armageddon. The demo had one of the smoothest frame-rates imaginable – it moves like greased lightening and looks good while doing it. Unlike the last Red Faction, which was an open world affair, this one goes back to the roots of the PlayStation 2 original.

And how’s this for an epic event? Duke Nukem Forever is finally being released this week. Not many people seem to realise though that to play the PC version you need to re-install Windows 98. Obviously, that’s a joke but it has been in development for so long that Windows 98 was the newest OS at the time. Gearbox has been busy finishing it off after 3D Realms closed in 2009. There are no reviews on Metacritic yet but those that have played it suggest it’s short but sweet. As well as the standard version there’s a Balls of Steel collector’s edition with a bust, hard back book, poker chips and loads of other useless stuff.

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters is another that hasn’t been reviewed yet. I can’t imagine it being completely terrible – Warner Bros. were showing it off at the recent comic expo in London. User reviews on Metacritic are encouraging but one gamer mentioned that he managed to finish it in one night. That said, you can beat a lot of games in one sitting if you have enough coffee on stand by.

Rounding the week off is THQ’s Kung Fu Panda 2. The Xbox 360 version has Kinect support. I’m surprised Microsoft didn’t boast about that during their E3 conference.

Next week: Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Child of Eden, Williams Pinball Classics, Dungeon Siege III, Alice: Madness Returns and Naruto: Shippuden 3D – The New Era.

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    If you are desperate for a go borrow it or if you absolutely have to pay money wait 2 days and the second hand shelves will be burried under copies of this game. I want my money back so I can buy my daughter a second birthday present. I was so looking forwards to this but It has been a soul crushing disapointment.


  • i played the demo and it sucked i cancelled my pre-order so gonna rent it instead, shame really i had my hopes up for this coz from what i saw it looked good

  • hi guys, i already received my duke today before the launch date as i have pre ordered it! its brilliant much better than the demo! ignore demo! if ur die hard duke fans ul love it!!

  • i have duke and its not bad worth playing took me along time to stop playing hail to the king

  • recieved my copy today as pre ordered and gotta say its wkd , not a hardcore fan of any genre but this game is cool !!

  • Wow Jimmy, if your friend told you to suck his dick would you do that too?

    Grow up and get your own opinion of things.

  • Rofl @ Jimmy!!!!

    “My friend told me Duke Nukem Forever is really shit, so i’m not gonna buy it.”

    My Friend told me to blow my brains out, so Im gonna do it.

    How old are you????! like 12!?

    I played the game last night for a bit. Bear in mind, that it probably had no where near the funds and the resources that games like BF3 have, or Black had. Its not about expecting the best game out there, its about enjoying the game, and that I did. Hail to the King!

  • Towerrounder

    the budget this game had was comparable to what those games you mentioned had. The devs also had 15 years (ish) in order to make the game.
    And Gearbox are not known for their low budgets.

    Justification for shoddy games sucks :(

  • First review in is 2/5 from The Guardian (a UK newspaper). They said it’s glitchy, the visuals are grainy, there are frame rate issues and it’s very easy to die. Once you die the game has to reload again which takes far too long.


  • I honestly hate it when people say I’m not gonna buy this because people said it was bad. I always make my own opinion of games because quite frankly half the time reviewers don’t know what their talking about.

  • So you’re quite happy to spend £40 on anything that interests you without seeing if it isn’t a steaming pile first?

    You sound like a publisher’s dream customer!

  • If you have a PS3 and really wanna use £40 i would suggest infamous 2 which is far better than duke nukem forever…. how on earth could they have ruined such a great franchise…..

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