In a respectable area of Finland…

So far in Street Viewtiful – our jaunt around the world of games – we’ve taken in Sega just off the M4, Rare’s Twycross HQ, and Game Group in Basingstoke. Not very worldly. So let’s expand our horizons, and travel to foreign climes.

Those Angry Bird chaps, Rovio, are foreign. Finnish, to be specific. Wonder what their pad looks like? You’re about to find out.

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Ooh, shiny!

This is Espoo, Finland’s second largest city, and part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Rovio occupy part of the middle building, Keilaranta 17, along with Hertz. Their neighbours include print company Océ – part of Canon – at number 15 (picture right), and asset management company Eufex at number 19 (picture left).

All very respectable companies I’m sure. Do you think they’ve asked Rovio to release Angry Birds for the Blackberry?

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