Ubisoft’s renegade 3DS bundle

Nintendo are very close to Ubisoft these days. So much so that they apparently received their Wii 2/Project Caf̩ development kits before anybody else. Not only this, but plans are afoot to bundle the 3DS with two different Ubisoft titles РSplinter Cell 3D and Driver: Renegade.

Although the bundles have only been announced today they aren’t due for release until 1st October. Another odd thing is, well, Splinter Cell 3D isn’t exactly a good showcase of the 3DS, is it? Even the Official Nintendo Magazine only gave it 49%. And they thought Asphalt 3D was good.

It’s nowhere near as mainstream but Ghost Recon would have been a better choice. In fact, October is so far off that by then Ubisoft will have released Cubic Ninja and James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes, both of which would be a lot more welcome.

Still, at least the 3DS isn’t being bundled with that thing with the dinosaurs.

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