Ubisoft’s renegade 3DS bundle

Nintendo are very close to Ubisoft these days. So much so that they apparently received their Wii 2/Project Caf̩ development kits before anybody else. Not only this, but plans are afoot to bundle the 3DS with two different Ubisoft titles РSplinter Cell 3D and Driver: Renegade.

Although the bundles have only been announced today they aren’t due for release until 1st October. Another odd thing is, well, Splinter Cell 3D isn’t exactly a good showcase of the 3DS, is it? Even the Official Nintendo Magazine only gave it 49%. And they thought Asphalt 3D was good.

It’s nowhere near as mainstream but Ghost Recon would have been a better choice. In fact, October is so far off that by then Ubisoft will have released Cubic Ninja and James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes, both of which would be a lot more welcome.

Still, at least the 3DS isn’t being bundled with that thing with the dinosaurs.

Matt Gander

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  • How about instead they put some good games in the bundle … or how about they just added some good games to begin with. There are no games that are already released that I want. I’ll wait until MK3DS, then I’ll buy it, probably along with ocarina of time and any other mario games, if any, that are released by then.

  • Miyamoto said that Mario will hopefully be out this year. Starfox is the next big one after Zelda, I think.

    In an ideal world Nintendo should bundle either Street Fighter IV or Ridge Racer with the 3DS and charge, say, £200 for it.

    But no – manky old Splinter Cell 3D is what new owners will get.

  • It’s not an official bundle though, is it? It’s just something the shop you brought it from bundled with it.

    My problem is that Nintendo are going to be releasing the 3DS with a crap game inside the box. This makes no sense.

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