DiRT 3 can’t shift L.A Noire

Even with a few days extra sales behind it (it was released on a Tuesday) DiRT 3 hasn’t been able to shift L.A. Noire from the top of the chart. Instead, it has to make do with a respectable #2 placing. The Wii price drop has also helped a couple of titles re-enter the top 10 – Mario Kart Wii rises from #23 to #10 while Wii Sports Resort goes up from #13 to #6.

Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat have subsequently left the top 10 falling to #12 and #15 respectively. The apparently very good The Witcher 2 has had a very bad week too going from #5 to #29. This is always the way with big name PC games though – flying high one week, down low the next.

There’s not much to report about in the single format charts apart from Art Academy taking the top spot of the DS chart for the umpteenth time, while Puzzle Bobble Universe makes #8 in the 3DS chart due to being reduced to £12.99 at Game last week.

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