Pokemon and on and on

After finding a boxed Game Boy Color in a charity shop for £2 earlier this month, most of my searches on eBay have been Game Boy related. As such, you can probably guess what format I’m going to kick off this month’s eBay round-up with.

Despite being in abundance, the Pokemon games are still quite desirable. Even more so if they’re boxed and sealed. This copy of Pokemon Yellow went for £142.99 (17 bids), while a sealed Pokemon Blue sold for £137.99 (31 bids). A nice looking Famtisu Game Boy – which comes attached to a rather flimsy looking piece of cardboard rather than in a box – failed to find a seller at £169.99, but this boxed original Game Boy fetched £92 after 20 bids. The seller still had the plastic bags for the handheld and the rest of its gubbins.

A Sega GameGear managed to sell for even more than that – this rare and fully reconditioned white GameGear went for £149.99. Bidding wasn’t fierce though – it only attracted one lone soul. Proving that the Atari Lynx is rather underloved is this factory sealed Lynx which sold for a mere £31.99. That’s not far off the value of some of the rarest games for it, such as Lemmings – a copy of which sold for £24 (8 bids) – and Desert Strike, which ended at £20.13 (4 bids).

One format that has always been popular with collectors is the Sega Saturn. A review copy of Resident Evil sold for an absurd £205 (13 bids), while the rare PAL version of Street Fighter Collection managed to dragon punch £107 out of somebody’s wallet. Or PayPal account. Despite being announced for Xbox Live Arcade, or possibly because it has just been announced, Guardian Heroes seems to be selling for more than ever with this copy hitting £77 (11 bids). I don’t recall Sega’s Mr. Bones being very good which is probably why it’s now rare – a UK version went for £102 (12 bids). Lord knows why it’s on 2 CDs – it was just a shoddy 2D platformer. Lastly, a copy of Deep Fear – the final UK Saturn game – sold for £96.20 (12 bids).

A couple of sealed PlayStation games have also fetched high sums this month, like this copy of Digimon World that went for £67 (21 bids), and this copy of Parasite Eve 2 which sold for £54.99 (9 bids). Then there’s this copy of Ocean’s Cool World on SNES which bagged the seller £95 despite being a loose cart only, and this sealed copy of Duke Nukem 64 for, well, you can guess, which ended at £67.50 (8 bids). That’s probably not far off from the price it originally cost.

We’ll end on a modern note with two limited edition Xbox 360 consoles. A Halo 3: ODST system bagged a lucky American $821.79 (approximately £507.43), while a system given away during the Xbox 360’s launch party went for $700.00 (approximately £432.23). I have to say I quite like the two tone controller with the latter.

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