Beyond the Brink

Good news, everyone! It’s an all new top two in the chart this week. Brink takes the top honours, followed by Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.

Interestingly, Brink is #1 in the PlayStation 3 chart as well as Xbox 360, despite PSN only coming back up in the UK on Sunday evening. That said, Eurogamer reports that 69 percent of sales were on Xbox 360, compared to 23 percent on PlayStation 3. How much of that is down to PSN, or the lack thereof? We can’t know that, but it’ll be interesting to see how the title performs on the two formats next week.

That’s not the end of the new entries: MX vs ATV Alive is in at a thoroughly respectable #10. That is the end of the new entries though.

A quick scoot around the other formats to finish with: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean takes the honours on PSP, DS and 3DS, but it’s only #2 on Wii – Zumba Fitness is still top of the tree there.


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  • Surprised by MX Vs ATV Alive. Zavvi dropped it to £17.85 at the weekend, suggesting sales/pre-orders were low.

  • While I believe that these enesdoemrnts are well-deserved, I can’t help but wonder if they are sincere, or rather an attempt to feign bipartisanship on behalf of the WaPo by endorsing three Republicans (Smith, Brescia, and Ringel) in races that they believe to be safely in the Democratic column. I sure hope that this is not the case, as GOP wins in any of these races would turn a lot of heads.Regardless, these three have undoubtedly run great campaigns and are exciting young political figures for the GOP in NoVa. I hope that no matter the outcome of these races that we will be hearing from all of them in the future. The only way we can end one party rule in NoVa and the impact it has on statewide races is to keep running credible and energetic local campaigns like these three to build more and more support for the GOP in the area. The days of letting the Dems run unopposed has to end.

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