10 questions not to ask developers

Videogames take years to develop nowadays, so it’s only natural that the people responsible are rather protective of their hard work. Here are ten things not to say to developers during an interview, unless you fancy colliding with the pavement outside their office.

  • Will this game be as shit as your last?

  • How many of the features you’re about to show me today are likely to be axed within the last few months of development?

  • You said on the phone this was a finished version. You were having a laugh, right?

  • I’m only here because somebody in our office keeps stinking the place out.

  • Does your publisher know your last three games flopped?

  • How does it make you feel knowing that you’re the studio who offered to make this licensed game for the cheapest price?

  • Is this game meant for the mentally challenged?

  • I thought you guys had gone bust after making too many rubbish games.

  • I bet you had to approach dozens of publishers before getting this signed.

  • Thanks for your time. We’ll see if we can fit your new game into our review round-up section next month.

And remember – if you’re a developer and would like to be interviewed by us, you can contact us at the usual address.

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