Basingstoke: centre of the Game universe

I only recently realised that Gameplay is a part of Game Group, as well as Gamestation. And Game, obviously.

I’d ordered a few games from a few places, and they had the same Basingstoke return address. “Aha!” I thought. “How mildly notable.”

So what is this mysterious distribution centre for the whole of the Game Group, in glamorous RG21? Sounds like a task for our regular feature Street Viewtiful, travelling around the world of video games via Google Street View.

And the answer is: right next to Game Group’s head office. Zoom in on the sign post, if you like:

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Pretty much as you’d expect an industrial unit in Basingstoke to look, then.

Actually no, it’s nicer than you’d expect an industrial unit in Basingstoke to look. Grass and trees and everything! Well done, Game Group.


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