Dive alert

Steel Diver isn’t quite the triple-A title the 3DS needs right now, but with most reviews around the 7/10 mark it’ll probably tide you over until Zelda: Ocarina of Time is released. Plants vs Zombies on DS does sound like a much better proposition, however. It may not be the best version, or in indeed in 3D, but it’s a game that’s very hard to dislike. £17.99 from HMV seems to be the best price at the moment.

There are a few other games out on DS this week too. Youda Safari is based on a free flash game while Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena and Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets both appear to be very po-faced adventure games. The only one of these I’ve managed to find a review for is Samantha Swift, which is apparently a fun time-waster although rather casual.

No games for PlayStation 3 this week, and only one each for Xbox 360 and Wii. Mircosoft’s box gets The First Templar which worryingly hasn’t been reviewed yet, and six months after its US release Activision has suddenly decided to release Dangerous Hunts 2011 on Nintendo’s white box of tricks. Gamespot said that there’s “some fun to be had in these hunts” although I expect that’s because comes with an elaborate looking gun.

Next week: Brink, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, SBK World Championship 2011, MX vs ATV Alive, Exerbeat Gym Class Workout, National Geographic Challenge and the brilliant sounding Zombie Driver on PC.

Matt Gander

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