Portal Kombat

You’re spoiled for choice this week – there’s even a new 3DS game out. Fair enough it’s only Puzzle Bobble Universe but that’s still better than another one of Ubisoft’s half-arsed conversions.

Portal 2 is by far the ‘big one’ – critics haven’t been able to find enough words to praise it enough it would seem. The current score on Metacritic stands at an impressive 95% and that’s even with the fact that it stars Stephen ‘irritating’ Merchant. Ricky was busy, was he?

The extra development time for Mortal Kombat appears to have paid off too. This has also been getting glowing reviews – 1UP said it sets the standards for all future fighting games, believe it or not. Eurogamer was slightly less enthusiastic though, giving it a 7.

Then there’s Conduit 2, which gained 7.5 from IGN. They said the characters and story aren’t very original but the multi-player stuff is great. The PlayStation 3 also gets its own exclusive shoot’em up this week – SOCOM: Special Forces. I think this is a series only really appeals to fans of the previous installments. You never see Sony trying to advertise it them to a larger audience. Or indeed advertise them at all.

This leaves us with Codemaster’s Operation Flashpoint: Red River and Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection on PSP. The former has been notching up plenty of 7/10 reviews while the latter is a full price release despite being a mere remake. It does though come with a “Screen-cleaning cloth decorated with Cecil from Final Fantasy IV character design” according to Play.

Next week: Darkspore, Thor, Virtua Tennis 4, DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party 4, Musiic Party and Natalie Brooks – Treasure of the Lost Kingdom.

I nearly had a nice little rhyme going there…

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