It’s sad that it has come to this – having to play a movie tie-in to get a platforming fix, due to publishers thinking that original platformers won’t sell on Xbox 360. At least the cast of Rango aren’t cuddly talking animals – sheriff Rango is a rather unlikely hero and an ugly one at that. Another thing that helps me play it without blushing is that Rango is armed with a gun, albeit one that fires popcorn instead of hot lead. Also: it’s a pretty good game.

The titular scaly critter has been tasked with rounding up several shards of a glowing meteorite. Along the way there’s the chance to battle a giant rattle snake, grind along some rails, ride a bat, have a race on a roadrunner and play a spot of golf.

The golf sections entail Rango hitting a harmless woodlouse into a target to trigger a set-piece. Like a proper golf game there’s a power bar and the ball can be controlled while in flight. There are similar sections where Rango gets hold of a golden bullet and you have to steer it – from a first person perspective – into a number of targets without missing. Both are pleasing little diversions, especially the mini-game towards the end of the adventure that sees Rango fighting off a zombie horde with his golfing skills.

One level that’s a particular highlight takes place inside a filthy trailer belonging to a human obsessed with UFO sightings – Rango has to stay out of his flashlight as he explores the trailer for clues, then later fight some cockroaches and avoid some dodgy electrical wiring inside the wall cavities. Because the citizens of Dust live in houses made out of junk it’s not uncommon to run past buildings made out of fizzy drink cans and old speakers or whatnot. The last two levels are quite unexpected. I won’t spoil the surprises but I will say they’re worth playing through to the end for.

Combat also has a nice feel to it viagraspills.com. New weapons can be gained for a temporary period including a rapid fire gun and a firework launcher, and it’s possible to uppercut enemies to perform air combos. Skills can be improved throughout by collecting the sheriff badges found by smashing up boxes. It’s a good idea to buff up Rango’s melee attacks – you earn more badges by defeating enemies with punches than you do by shooting them. There’s also a level where Rango starts off without his trusty firearm and thus has to rely on his brawn.

Rango isn’t a game that’ll have you ran-going mad – even on hard mode it’s relatively easy, with infinite lives and checkpoints that are mere minutes apart. Parents should also take note that it doesn’t take two to Rango – it’s a single player only game. But at least it’ll keep one child (or immature adult, in my case) wholly entertained while it lasts.

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