To be this good took EA ages

Another week, another #1 for publishing powerhouse EA. This time it’s Dragon Age II. Clearly the fact that EDGE only gave it a 6 hasn’t harmed sales.

Bioware’s RPG pushes Pokemon White to #2 while at #3 there’s another new title from EA – Fight Night Champion.

uDraw Studio has had a much better second week – it’s in at #10. This bodes well for future support for the device, albeit only support from THQ themselves. I can’t see them letting anybody else publish games for it.

Kinect mirth-maker Yoostar 2 misses out on a top 40 placing but makes the cut in the Xbox 360 chart at #20. On the flipside, Kirby’s Epic Yarn has finally made it into the top 40 at #27.

Lost Planet 2 is back in the chart at #22 as well thanks to being cut in price drastically online. It’s £6.32 on Amazon, if you’re wondering. Apparently though it was £5 on Play last week.

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