Yoostar 2 will have you seeing stars

Let’s start with not a particularly obvious game – Stoked: Big Air Edition on 360. In the US both Stoked and this semi-sequel were released within just a couple of months of one another. We received Stoked in 2009 but it has taken two whole years for Big Air Edition to find a European publisher. In an ideal world we should have got Big Air Edition rather than the original Stoked – reviews were far better, including a few 8s – but at least we can finally play it, thanks to Namco Bandai picking up the publishing duties. It should only set you back about £25 too.

More obvious, then: Dragon Age II. Reviews suggest it’s bigger and better in every way, shape, and form with vastly improved visuals. If the joys of spring aren’t you thing then by all means lock yourself away and dance with the elves. To quote Eurogamer: “An enduring classic? Not quite. A satisfying epic? Absolutely.”

Namco Bandai are also publishing Yoostar 2 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Using either the Kinect or PlayStation Move, it puts your mug into various movie scenes with The Terminator, Tropic Thunder, American Pie and 300 being just some of the movies you can look a fool in. Reviews are off to a shaky start, but those on our Twitter fed that have played preview copies say it’s good fun.

Our source for new releases also says the controversial “heavy petting party game” We Dare is out this week. We beg to differ – news broke yesterday that it’s not being released in the UK as newspapers and parents got upset about it only having a 12+ age rating. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, then don’t – it’ll only cause distress that publishers think games like this are a good idea.

Next week: Motorstorm Apocalypse, Homefront, Warriors: Legends of Troy, Okamiden, God Eater Burst, Yakuza 4, Hop, Alien Breed Trilogy, Top Spin 4 and Monster Jam: Path of Destruction.

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