A month of self-indulgence

Celebrating 10 years of mediocrity

March 2011 sees Games Asylum turn ten years old. If you want to be precise, we launched on 26th March 2001. Surprised that we’ve been around for a decade? So are we.

To celebrate ten glorious / anonymous / ignominious years (delete as appropriate), we have a month of hugely self-indulgent features planned. We’ll choose some gaming highlights, look back at some of the stuff we’ve churned out, and reminisce in ways you may find insufferable.

Forgive us.


Jake has been here since the beginning, with hundreds of reviews and countless other guff to his name. These days, not so consistent.

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  • Bring back digiape.com! Nah, it’s amazing you guys are still here after most other amateur gaming sites died long ago. Miss the forums though.

  • Hurrah!

    I also miss the forums. Still have a splinter cell tshirt I somehow won from GA once. Can’t remember for the life of me what for though!

  • I don’t even remember that competition!

    I know we had one for some bundles of crappy PS2 games from 3DO. And another one for a metal bust of the character from Scrapland on Xbox. That must have cost the PR company a ruddy fortune to send.

  • We had some good competitions Matt – a PR company provided us an Xbox for a competition and another one provided a slimline PS2. I suppose a metal bust of a Scrapland character may be more memorable for Matt though!

    (Oh – I worked for the company that published Scrapland. Although not at the same time as that.)

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