Castle of ShikigamWii

Done with Deathsmiles already? Worry not – there’s another 2D shooter on the horizon, and I’m not talking about the frequently delayed Raiden Fighters Aces.

According to release lists, pQube are planning to publish Castle of Shikigami III on Wii on 25th March. If that date is ringing a bell, it’s because that’s the day the 3DS is also due out. Both Zavvi and Play have it to pre-order for £17.99 though, so it’ll hardly break the bank.

The import version – released way back in 2008 – gained a mixture of 7/10 and 8/10 review scores. The ‘hook’ is that the nearer you get to enemies the more powerful your firepower is. In other words: it encourages you to dice with death.

The last two Castle of Shikigami games both made it to Europe as budget releases on PlayStation 2, with the first embarrassingly re-branded as Mobile Light Force 2.

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