Man finds Sega stuff in skip; gets skip in his step

A Greek gamer has blogged about his joy of finding five brand new Sega Mega Drive II consoles and six new GameGear handhelds thrown away in a skip next to a Greek toy store.

Although the boxes were dusty, their contents were completely intact. Just imagine how much these consoles would have been worth back in the day – over £1,000, easily. Shame to think they could have potentially ended up in a landfill.

I once saw a boxed copy of Ballz on the Mega Drive in a skip but didn’t touch it. The builders were hanging around the skip at the time having a fag so I would have looked like a right skank.

Matt Gander

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  • Does it say something about me that I find that quite a tragic story? Those poor consoles! What a lucky find/rescue!

  • I think most gamers would find it tragic. I wonder if he went back the next day to see if anything else had been lobbed?

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