Sega from the M4

Everyone loves a good poke around on Google Street View. So, in an idea I’ve shamelessly plagiarised from myself, we’re going to take an irregular jaunt around the world of games via that very medium.

Where better to start than the scenic M4 motorway heading out of London? That’s where, as well as a number of those huge displays which alternate between the time and temperature, you’ll see Sega’s UK headquarters. That familiar blue logo peeking up over the flyover raises a little smile every time.

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It is, I’m sure you’ll agree, a building very much in-keeping with its glorious surroundings.

I’m pretty sure that last time I drove past there, a big Sonic had been added to the other side of the building. Sadly, when the Street View cameras visited, it was still the Agfa logo. Which is definitely a lot less fun.

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