“Use your body and your brain, if you want to play the game”

Are developers holding a contest behind our backs to see who can keep their audience waiting the longest? It bloody well feels like it – Gran Turismo 4 and Gran Turismo 5 were five long years apart, which also happens to be the time-span between Test Drive: Unlimited and its sequel. With the troubles Atari has been having lately, well for the last few years, I guess we should be grateful it hasn’t been canned. Did somebody just say Activision?

Reviews, then. The Official Xbox Magazine and Eurogamer both gave Test Drive Unlimited 2 7/10 while US magazine Game Informer liked it a bit more handing out an 8.5. The first Test Drive: Unlimited is also being re-released on PSP this week. It’s £7 on Amazon and according to the box it scored 5/5 from Fast Car magazine. Surely a sign of quality.

After making DS owners shout the likes of “glasses, glasses” and “coriander!” into their handheld in an attempt to boost their brains, a Dr Kawashima-endorsed game is now available on Xbox 360. Dr Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercises – to give it its full title – is for Kinect only and going by the first review I found online (from the Guardian, of all places) it’s a bit rubbish on your own but fun with friends.

PlayStation 3-exclusive Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll appears to be one of the better games from Tecmo Koei of late. It’s an RPG which scored 7/10 from the Official PlayStation Magazine US. That’s the only review around at the moment though, so it might be an idea to wait for a few more to appear.

And unless EA releases FIFA 12 on PlayStation 2 this year, this week could very well see the release of the last PlayStation 2 game – Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction. It’s also out on PlayStation 3, PSP and oh…you’ve stopped reading.

Next week: Marvel vs Capcom 3, Deathsmiles, Naughty Bear Gold, Family Party: 90 Great Games, PopCap Hits and Nathalie Brooks: Treasure of the Lost Kingdom on DS.

Matt Gander

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